Guangzhou to Hong Kong Intercity Through Train Timetable
Guangzhou to Hong Kong Intercity Through Train Timetable

Ferry from HKIA to Guangzhou

There are several ferries operating between Hong Kong Internation Airport and mainland china, but most of the m are not very convenient if you want to get to downtown Guangzhou. The only exception is the ferry from HKIA to LianHuaShan. There are 3 ferries per day in each direction and this is definitely the easiest way to get to Guangzhou if you are flying in or out of HKIA. The same company also operates ferries to HK downtown, but we don't recommend this over the train.

The ferry journey time is around 1 hour 45 minutes, and the cost is $HK380 per adult (there are also different class options). From LianHuaShan port to downtown guangzhou the travel time is 50 minutes by taxi and the cost is just over RMB120.

You can buy ferry tickets online or at the ferry terminal. 

For more information on the ferry service you can see their official site

Advantages of the LianHuaShan Ferry

  • Fast
  • Easy access to HKIA
  • Less congested than the trains, quick and easy getting through immigration
  • Hassle free if you have luggage

Disadvantages of the LianHuaShan Ferry

  • Only 3 departures per day
  • Expensive
  • It can be hard to get a taxi if you arrive at LianHuaShan port

Other Options


You can also Travel between Hong Kong and Guanghzhou by bus. This is no faster than the train, but it is cheaper. We don't recommend it unless you have no other option.

There are also hire cars that will drive you between the two cities. This is a bit faster than going by train, but not much better, and it will be the most expensive route.

If you are heading from to Guangzhou, take a look at our Guangzhou Travel Guide, for an insider's guide of things to do in wonderful Guangzhou, or check out our recommendations for The Best Dim Sum in Guangzhou.



Weird Food in Hong Kong | Geoduck | Eating Adventures

The Ultimate Weird Food Guide to Hong Kong | 15 Weird Eats from the Eating Adventures team

The Eating Adventures team loves exploring Hong Kong to find the weirdest and tastiest food. Here is the our ultimate guide of 15 of the weirdest foods that you can find in Hong Kong. Turtle jelly, snake soup, chicken testicles, geoduck, horse sashimi and more!

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List of Food Tours around the World

Where ever you are travelling to, food tours are one of the best ways to have fun and experience the local culture. Here is our ultimate list of food tours around the world. We have compiled an amazing directory of more than 250 TOURS! Take your pick and go and explore the world through food. Know a good food tour that we missed? Send us an Email. Happy Eating!!

Silky Chicken | Wu Gai | Black Chicken | Eating Adventures


Guangzhou may be the ultimate travel destination for those of you seeking to expand your culinary horizons with unusual exotic food. Weird food, does not necessarily mean bugs and strange furry animals. The people of Guangzhou have a love for food, and there is a huge diversity of fresh produce available. A simple trip to the market in Guangzhou can present a wide range of fresh food that would be more than enough for an episode of Bizzare Foods. Chickens with black meat, goose eggs, pigeons, scorpions, crocodiles, more varieties of mushrooms than you have ever seen before, and that is before you check out the seafood.  Any of you that are lucky enough to visit Guangzhou can see these exotic wonders and a lot more on our Guangzhou Food Tours.Our focus in this list is bizzare or unusual foods that are readily accessible to try in Guangzhou, the things that are part of everyday life for local Cantonese people. Remember, what is weird to you, is normal to us!Weird Foods of Guangzhou - No 1. Black Chicken (Wu Gai)In English this chicken is called a Silkie. They have beautiful soft white feathers, and amazingly black meat and bones. If you go to a market in Guangzhou, you will see the black meat on display at any chicken stall. The meat is commonly used to make chicken soup and is has been prized for its medicinal qualities in China for hundreds of years. The soup is a clear soup boiled with goji berries, dried yam, dried orange peel and ginger.Another unusual fact about this chicken is that is has 5 toes instead of 4 toes like most other chickens.In addition to chicken soup, the eggs from Silkie's are blue / black colour, fragrant and delicious. They run at about double to cost of normal chicken eggs.Black chicken is so common that we will not recommend an individual restaurant. Almost every neighbourhood has a soup shop that will sell Wu Gai soup. Most large restaurants will also serve the soup. Ask your concierge for a suggestion, or any Cantonese local!Weird Foods of Guangzhou No 2 - Scorpion If you are reading this, you have probably already come across the common images of people selling scorpion skewers in Beijings night markets. Unlike in Beijing, this is not a tourist novelty. In Guangzhou if you go to most wet markets, you can find someone selling a variety of different scorpions. In Chinese medicine, scorpions are known for their detoxification purpose.  It is often used to treat arthritis.  Normally used in soups, locals think male scorpions with small bellies and thick legs are the best. If you are interested in trying some scorpion soup, there is a 35 year old restaurant called Dun Ping Huang on Tong Fu Dong Road, Haizhu. They specialise in slow cooked soups and serve a wide variety of medicinal soups including scorpion soup, cow penis soup and turtle soup. Weird Foods of Guangzhou No 3 - Goose EggsGoose eggs, exotic, delicious and sure to give you high cholesterol. One of the more tame exotic foods that you can try in Guangzhou, these jumbo eggs are around 3 times the size of a normal chicken egg, and at least double the price per gram of a chicken egg. We like our goose eggs pan fried and have it as a common breakfast treat. You probably won't find this on many restaurant menu's, but you can buy it at any wet market. Goose eggs are high in protein content and full of minerals and vitamins.  It is said to help improve one’s memory. Weird Foods of Guangzhou No 4 - PigeonThere is a Chinese proverb that one pigeon is worth nine chickens. Pigeon is a delicious treat available in many restaurants across Guangzhou and also fresh in all wet markets. Common ways to eat pigeon are roasted, similar to duck or goose, or in a soup or hot pot. The meat is darker than chicken, more like duck, flavoursome but not fatty. There is not much meat on a pigeon, so either order a few to share, or have it as part of your main meal. Pigeon soup is particularly delicious. Where to try it?You can try good roast pigeon all over Guangzhou, ask a Cantonese concierge for a recommendation. For pigeon soup, my favourite is from a small restaurant in Liwan district. Nothing fancy, but authentic and delicious.Wang jin ge on Jiang Yi Road, Haizhu specialises in pigeon and is one of our favourite restaurants.  You can have your pigeons cooked in four different ways plus treat yourself with one of their medicinal pigeon hotpots. Weird Foods of Guangzhou No 5 - DonkeyDonkey is not a Cantonese speciality, but it is available in Guangzhou. Originating from Northern China, Donkey can be prepared in a variety of ways. Hot pot is one of the most common. The meat is similar to beef, but with a more subtle flavour and is considered a delicacy.  If you are living in Guangzhou, you can buy fresh donkey meat in Liwan near the Lamb wholesalers. There is a Chinese saying “There is dragon meat in heaven and there is donkey meat on earth.” It is meant to be excellent for people with bad back.Weird Foods of Guangzhou No 6 - Geoduck Geoduck (pronounced Goo-ey-duck) its the largest burrowing clam in the world. They originate from the west coast of Canada and the USA and are sold live in markets across Guangzhou, as well as neighbouring Hong Kong. Geoducks take 6 years to reach maturity and can live for an amazing 140 years, although life expectancy is considerably shorter for those in Guangzhou Restaurants! A single Geoduck can weigh around 1.5 pounds.Lots of high end seafood restaurants in Guangzhou will have live Geoduck on display. Alternatively for the very freshest and widest choice, head to the Huang Sha Seafood markets and be amazed. Expect to pay around 300 RMB per kilo for this rare delicacy. The best way to prepare geoduck is to quickly boil them in hot water then dip into ice cold water.  Sprinkle with shallot, ginger and chilli, drizzle with soy and cooked oil. 


The Best ways to travel from Hong Kong To Guangzhou

One of the most common questions we get asked is how to travel from Hong Kong to Guangzhou. These two cities are a must for any foodie, but travelling between them can confuse even a local. So if you are on your way to one of our Hong Kong Food Tours or Guangzhou Food Tours, or maybe just a business trip :) - here are our three Best Ways to Travel between Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

 The Shenzhen to Guangzhou High Speed Train

By far out preferred way to Travel between Hong Kong and Guangzhou is using the high speed train starting in Shenzhen. For some reason travelling like this even has the locals apprehensive, but I cannot understand why. This is the cheapest and quickest method with the least hassles. Our only advice would be that this may not be the most comfortable way to travel if you have a large amount of luggage or a lot of young children.

To travel between Hong Kong and Guangzhou using the high speed train starting in Shenzen you need to first take the MTR to Lo Wu. The travel time from Hung Hom is around 45 minutes (but you can hop on this line at any point that is convenient for you.
The Lo Wu MTR station is connected with China Immigration and it is process exit Hong Kong and enter mainland China - just follow the signs. Also, make sure you have a visa for China!
Once you have passed through China Immigration, you are now in Shenzhen. To get to the train station you need to exit the immigration building and just continue walking straight. Shenzhen railway station is located in the large building that you will see on your left. It is about a 5 minute walk, and again, just follow the signs. Unless you have a chinese ID card, you will need to buy a train ticket to Guangzhou East from one of the ticket counters. You will have a choice between first class and second class. The cost is RMB79.5 for a second class seat and RMB 99.5 for first class.

The best part of travelling between Hong Kong and Guangzhou this way is that the high speed trains in Shenzhen depart roughly every 10 - 15 minutes and there is no need to pre purchase tickets. If you have pre purchased tickets and you are early or late, you can just hop on the next train (but you may have to stand). Definitely the most efficient way to travel.

From Guangzhou East you can take the MTR or a taxi to your final destination.

Advantages of using the Shenzhen high speed train:

  • It is the cheapest way to travel between Hong Kong and Guangzhou
  • It can be the most stress free way to travel, trains run every 10 minutes or so
  • It is the fastest way to travel between Hong Kong and Guangzhou

Disadvantages of using the Shenzhen high speed train:

  • Not a comfortable way to travel if you have a lot of luggage
  • Not recommended if you are a family with young children.


 The Hong Kong to Guangzhou Through Train


The most common way for foreigners to Travel between Hong Kong and Guangzhou is using the intercity through train. This is the most relaxing journey once you are on the train, but not the most convenient way to travel between the two cities.
There are 12 trains per day in each direction between Hung Hom in Hong Kong and Guangzhou East. The process is similar to catching an flight, you need to be at the train station 45 minutes prior to departure. You will then be ushered through a process of waiting to queue for immigration and then being held in a waiting room before boarding the train. Once on the train you can sit back and relax, 2 hours later you will be in Guangzhou.

The Intercity through train is the easiest way to travel if you have a large amount of luggage, or if you are a nervous traveller, but the process to board the train is so slow that it is not the fastest or most flexible way to travel between the two cities. If you miss your train, it can be a long wait until the next train, and this line frequently has delays and disruptions.

The Intercity through train costs $HK210 for adults and $105 for children in first class (which is the normal class). Three of the departures  on this line have a different train which also includes a premium class. The premium class costs $HK250 and is well worth the cost from our experience.

Advantages of the Intercity Through Train

  • A good option if you have heavy luggage
  • A simple trip if you are a nervous traveller
  • Easier for families


Disadvantage of the Intercity Through Train

  • Less flexible than the Shenzhen high speed train (think - similar to the stress of catching a flight)
  • You have to start of finish your journey at Hung Hom
  • Slower than the Shenzhen high speed train
  • More expensive

For a full list of departure times see below:



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