Have you ever wondered what the locals eat in their suburb? Come to our local neighbourhood and eat where we eat when we are not doing a food tour. 

Haizhu is located on the southern side of the pearl river and is home to both some of the most expensive real estate in Guangzhou as well as vibrant older areas. Residents here are from a mixture of chinese provinces, so the food is more diverse.

Our tour commences with a stroll through a local neighbourhood street market. Weave down the narrow alleys and meet shop owners that have been selling from their houses for more than 50 years. Expect to find everything from Goose Eggs to live fish and fresh vegetables.



“一鸽胜九鸡”   “One pigeon is worth 9 chickens" - Chinese proverb

High in protein and low in fat, pigeon is a Cantonese favourite. For those that are interested, this restaurant also makes a great home made Chinese plum wine.

Chicken Soup cooked in Whole Coconut

Black chicken boiled in a whole coconut with Goji berri and ginger makes a delicious and healthy soup. There is also a range of other soups to choose from. 

Beef Brisket Rice Noodle Soup

This modest street side eatery pumps out delicious bowls of noodle soup all day long. When a place specialises in just one dish, you know its going to be good!

Yum Cha

Enjoy traditional Yum Cha at this quality Cantonese restaurant set by the pearl river. Famed for Shunde cuisine, a special type of Cantonese cooking, expect crisp and clean tasting fresh Dim Sum.

Traditional Desserts

See fresh powders used to make traditional desserts like black sesame paste and almond paste and then try them in this very authentic home-style dessert restaurant.

Other tastings

Sample roast pork fresh from the market and some of the best creamy Portuguese tarts from a little street stall. 


Days:  Provided on demand

Time: 10:00am

Duration:  3.5 - 4 hours

Number of Tastings: 5 - 7 tastings including one main meal. 


3+ tickets:  RMB 399 per person.
1 - 2 tickets: RMB 449 per person

Prices are inclusive of all standard tastings.

Number of Participants: Minimum number of participants is 2 full fee paying clients. Maximum is flexible.

Child Friendly: Yes – We offer discounts for children under 13. See the bookings page for details.

Languages: Tour can be conducted in English, Cantonese or Mandarin.

This tour can be customised to meet your needs. Contact us for details.

* For same day and next day bookings, please call us +86 186 8838 0352 or email us directly

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