Where to eat the best dim sum in Guangzhou

Best Dim Sum in Guangzhou

Where can you find the Best Dim Sum in Guangzhou? Well luckily if you are travelling to Guangzhou you will be spoilt for choice. We often say that even bad Dim Sum in Guangzhou is good Dim Sum in Hong Kong. The freshness and quality of the ingredients along with the traditional methods used to prepare Dim Sum are guaranteed to give you a mouth watering meal.

Going out for Dim Sum in Guangzhou is normally referred to as Yum Cha. Drinking good quality chinese tea while you enjoy your food is an essential part of the experience for many locals. Going out for Yum Cha in Guangzhou is a common weekend family activity, and you can expect long queues at popular restuarant. 

Yum Cha is normally served from the early morning until just after lunch time. Most restaurants won't serve dim sum in the evening, although Dim Do Dak listed below is a notable exception.

You will find there is a larger variety of dim sum on offer in Guangzhou that you may be use to overseas, and there are even restaurants specialising in vegetarian dim sum. Some restaurants offer high quality teas served in different dinning rooms, referred to as Gong Fu Cha it is an experience not to be missed.

When eating Dim Sum in Guangzhou, you won't see food being pushed around in carts, all orders are made fresh. You won't find English menu's at these restaurants, and it is highly unlikely any of the staff will be able to speak a word. We suggest you check out what other tables are eating, and point out to the waitress what you want. Alternatively, for an in depth experience - contact us for one of our Guangzhou Food Tours.


The 5 best places to Eat Dim Sum in Guangzhou

Bei Yuan Restaurant
Address: 200-202 Xiao Bei Lu, Yuexiu district

Bei Yuan Restaurant is a garden restaurant located in Northern part of Guangzhou on the way  to Baiyuan Mountains.  It has over 70 years of history.  The whole restaurant was built in traditional Guangdong styled buildings and landscaping, so not only  can you sample some of the best dim sum in Guangzhou, you can also enjoy the peaceful surroundings.  Some of the must-have dim sum include red rice paper roll and prawn dumplings. 

Nan Yuan Restuarant
Address: 142 Qian Jin Lu, Haizhu district

Built in 1958, Nan Yuan Restaurant is restaurant specialises in Chaozhounese cuisine.  It is one of the 12 restaurants that has been awarded a National rating of Platinum Five Diamonds.  The restaurant was built over 10,000sqm piece of land, elaborately decorated with lakes, traditional chinese style bridges and pagodas.  Its famous dishes include "Buddha jumps over the wall", Chao zhou loi sui goose and suckling pig. Expect very long queues on the weekend as it is a well known favourite restaurant for locals to eat Dim Sum in Guangzhou.

Qiu Da 6 Zai Ji 
Address: 2nd Floor, 525 Binjiang Dong Lu, Haizhu district

Started by Chef Qiu who has 30 years of dim sum experience under his belt including being the Head Dim Sum Chef of the famous White Swan Hotel and cooked for famous people like Deng Xiao Ping and Queen Elizabeth II.  He opened his own dim sum restaurant in 2015 in an unpretentious location with the goal of creating innovative dim sum with traditional taste for the enjoyment of common local people. Think of something like Tim Ho Wan (only much much better!). Some of the dishes you will never find at other dim sum places like the shredded duck spring roll finished with a lemon sauce and black sesame, lamb shao mai with central asia spices and you can finish your meal with one of his outstanding desserts - Napoleon pastry or durian mousse cup.
This place is one of our favourites to eat Dim Sum in Guangzhou.

Dian Dou De 

Main branch - 587 Long Jin Zhong Lu, Liwan district 
Beijing Road branch - 470 Hui Fu Dong Lu, Yuexiu district

大茶楼- 荔湾区龙津中路587 
聚福楼- 越秀区惠福东路470号 

Dian dou de means "everything is possible".  An all day yum cha restaurant, each one of them decorated in traditional Xi Guan style. Their kitchen pumps out up to 108 types of dim sums, with a mix of traditional and creative contemporary options. Since its opening in 2013 in Liwan, it has expanded to 12 branches, definitely achieving their goal of reviving the Yum Cha culture in Guangzhou, and is one of the best places to try Dim Sum in Gaungzhou.  Their four colour ginseng soup prawn dumplings are divine. Other popular dishes include rice paper roll with deep fried dough and prawns inside, and durian desserts? The locals say "you always have to queue but you never leave disappointed". 

Guangzhou restaurant 
Original branch - 2 Wen Chang Lu, Liwan district
总店- 荔湾区文昌南路2号  

Started in 1935, Guangzhou Restaurant is referred as "The No.1 Place to Eat in Guangzhou".  It has also been awarded as one of the top 10 restaurants in China.  People say a good way to judge a dim sum restaurant is by the quality of their prawn dumplings and beef balls.  They  are both outstanding at Guangzhou Restaurant.  If you feel like being a royal one day, you can also book in for their banquets where they replicate dishes served to the royals in the past.

If you are heading to Guangzhou, check out our Guangzhou Travel Guide for more insider tips, as well as our guide on the Best Ways to travel from Hong Kong to Guangzhou


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